#294 How to break the morale of a country in 4 steps

First, tell their citizens that they are lazy, work avoiding and irresponsible. This strategy is more successful if there are already such elements among some sectors, and you blow up the truth 100 times. That’s because the majority of the Greeks, who are history illiterate, eventually begin to wonder, “What if the Germans are right?”

Second step, raise the taxes and prices while slashing the purchasing power of the Greeks who are employed but mostly unpaid. This strategy squizes the Greek people from up and down, who stoically keep on accepting everything. No revolution, no nothing. They just talk about these things.

Third step, tell the Greek people that everything they endure is necessary because TINA, there is no alternative. If we leave the Eurozone Thira’s volcano will erupt and the fire and brimstone will cover the entire ground of Greece. Just like what happened in Pompeii. The Pompeiians should have known better.

Last but not least step : terrorize the Greek people with “worries” about… civil war. If we don’t do exactly what the Germans command there will be civil war, and nobody wants that, right? If we dont bleed out to pay up from what we dont have in a few.. minutes Greeks will fight Greeks, like in the ’50s.

4 easy, efficient and, from what I discern, quite effective steps, right?